Daly Construction Remodel and Design
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Welcome to Peter V. Daly Construction.

When I started my remodeling business over 25 years ago the one thing that I insisted on was, “ quality with no substitute ”. Since that time I have always maintained that opinion and it has served me well.

Being raised in San Diego and utilizing my background in construction,
neighborhood awareness and home design has allowed me to remodel and upgrade some of San Diego’s classic homes. No matter what their design , they all have a place in the history of San Diego.

Remodeling is more than sticking a box on an existing house. True appreciation for the style and function of the home and it’s heart are more important than some sticks and stucco.

At Peter V. Daly Construction we have that appreciation to make sure every project we build ends up looking like the changes were part of the original design . Working with premier subcontractors and craftsmen I have had the chance to produce some quality additions and remodels that my clients have to look at twice to see where the changes were made.

We believe in continuing a tradition of craftsmanship that harkens back to the age of quality not quantity.

Selecting Daly Construction will give you the confidence of knowing it’s going to be :

“Built in the Finest Tradition”